Gallery Walk in Chelsea

Stop #1: Joshua Liner Gallery to see David Ellis‘ amazing work in his “True Value” show: Stop #2: Porter/ Contemporary– “Body Beautiful” through February 18 with David Agenjo, Pato Bosich, Juliet Foxtrot, Sarah Kaufman, Jennifer Murray, Carolina Baptista Rodriguez, Catherine Tafur: Stop #3: Foley Gallery– “Penetration” through February 11 with Danielle Durchslag, Joseph Heidecker, Marco Breuer, and Jowhara … Continue reading

Marysia Schultz at the Cupping Room with IndieWalls

You may not have heard of IndieWalls yet, but within a month, anyone who eats out or drinks coffee will start taking notice of the IndieWalls labels next to all the artworks hanging in their favorite venues. That’s because IndieWalls is connecting all local artists with local venues that are in search of great art … Continue reading