2019 Resolutions

The first month of 2019 has finally come to an end!… Did it fly by or did it seem like eternity?

For me, it was an interesting start. I started my first week with a heart break, then went through the week digesting the situation, and ended up laughing about it by Friday. After assessing the spectrum my emotions went through- I realized that what I did was shock my system into acknowledging that no matter what I go through, I will always have the ability to tap into a deep part of myself. Isn’t it great to know that, just like that well of tears that never seems to dry when you’re sad, that your heart never tires of feeling? Everything has an equal and opposite reaction- the more you open yourself to being vulnerable, the more you open yourself to the potential of pain and suffering. So when you experience pain and suffering, you should know that you are capable of feeling the opposite.

Anyway, onto the original mission of this post: Expectations. When it comes to avoiding the disappointment we inevitably feel when reality doesn’t measure up, we need to adjust by setting realistic, and quantifiable goals that we know can be achieved

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Have you already forgotten about them? Most people do by mid-January. Here are some ideas for being able to commit to your list and find happiness in reaching your goals:


Make a New Resolution Each Month

Sometimes it’s easier to achieve goals when the deadline is closer. Making a new resolution each month will allow you to pace yourself and at the end of the month, you can assess where you were at the beginning, and what you were able to accomplish by the end. My goals? To complete 100 30 mini paintings before June. That means, my goal for February is to complete 2 paintings a week (keyword: mini). I’m giving myself some flexibility, but so far, I think it’s possible. This is what I completed in January:


Visualize the Goals

Give yourself small goals every day that you can add -and visualize- on a calendar. Jerry Seinfeld said that this is how he would keep himself motivated to keep writing everyday. Just “don’t break the chain”, which means, that all he has to do is keep up the momentum of whatever he started. Imagine putting an X on every day of the calendar where you’ve completed your task, like going to the gym. A visual X on each day is a link in the chain. Don’t break the chain, and you’re on your way to following through with your resolution for the month!


Write them Down

If you like “to do” lists, like I do, try and keep a journal for every day and list your “to dos” every day. Keep your main goal on the top, and then the actionable items underneath. So if your new year’s resolution is a vague “LOSE WEIGHT”, change it to a header of “LOSE 10 LBS” and underneath it list some actions that you can do every day that you KNOW will contribute to reaching that goal, like “20 min of HIIT at the gym”.


Be Specific

If one of your resolutions is to “travel more”, make a list of places you want to go to this year. Then look at your calendar and see when you can realistically travel. Budget for specific places that will make you happy, and then get to planning!


That’s pretty much it!


What are your resolutions for February?

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