End of the Year Wrap Up (Part II)

I left the last post with images from Miami Art Basel, the last major art fair of the year, which is usually a good barometer for what the state of the art world is in. And by the way, to give you an idea of how popular Art Basel Miami Beach has become, if you’re talking about the … Continue reading

Excuse me, there’s a bug in my art!

I don’t know about you but there are a few places I cannot walk into unless I know I have time to kill. These include: a pet shop, a paper store, an art/craft shop, and a bookstore. It’s when I’m inside these places that my New York-bred ADHD kicks into full gear.  Most recently, I … Continue reading

Gallery Walk in Chelsea

Stop #1: Joshua Liner Gallery to see David Ellis‘ amazing work in his “True Value” show: Stop #2: Porter/ Contemporary– “Body Beautiful” through February 18 with David Agenjo, Pato Bosich, Juliet Foxtrot, Sarah Kaufman, Jennifer Murray, Carolina Baptista Rodriguez, Catherine Tafur: Stop #3: Foley Gallery– “Penetration” through February 11 with Danielle Durchslag, Joseph Heidecker, Marco Breuer, and Jowhara … Continue reading