Gallery Walk in Chelsea

Stop #1: Joshua Liner Gallery to see David Ellis‘ amazing work in his “True Value” show:

Stop #2: Porter/ Contemporary– “Body Beautiful” through February 18 with David Agenjo, Pato Bosich, Juliet Foxtrot, Sarah Kaufman, Jennifer Murray, Carolina Baptista Rodriguez, Catherine Tafur:

Juliet Foxtrot

Stop #3: Foley Gallery– “Penetration” through February 11 with Danielle Durchslag, Joseph Heidecker, Marco Breuer, and Jowhara AlSaud:

sorry, no photos from the current exhibit. But I did discover that Foley Gallery represents Richard Barnes! He is an American Academy in Rome Fellow from 2006, when I was there as an intern! That is one of his photographs, above.

Stop #4: Mike Weiss Gallery to see Will Kurtz‘s show “Extra Fucking Ordinary” on view through February 18:

Step #5: Paul Kasmin Gallery to see Santi Moix‘s show “Santi Moix on Huckleberry Finn: Watercolors and Wall Drawings” on view through February 11:

Reminds me a bit of Kara Walker…

Stop #6: Hasted Kraeutler Gallery to see Pierre Gonnord‘s photographic exhibit “Relatos” on view through February 4:

Stop #7: Metro Pictures Gallery to see John Miller‘s show “Suburban Past Time” on view through March 10:

very disorienting!

And Last Stop: Gagosian Gallery to see the universal Damien Hirst Spot paintings exhibit “The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011”, on view through February 18. But we weren’t allowed to take pictures, so… here’s one courtesy of Gagosian:

Not bad for walking around Chelsea in an absolutely, blistery, cold day.

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