Marysia Schultz at the Cupping Room with IndieWalls

You may not have heard of IndieWalls yet, but within a month, anyone who eats out or drinks coffee will start taking notice of the IndieWalls labels next to all the artworks hanging in their favorite venues.

That’s because IndieWalls is connecting all local artists with local venues that are in search of great art to hang on their bare walls. That list of venues includes restaurants, cafés, trendy retail stores, hotels, residential lobbies, and any other place you can think of that has regular foot traffic and some good, empty walls.

Well last night was the inaugural event- the first of many successful events- for IndieWalls and it was at the Cupping Room to celebrate the exhibit of Marysia Schultz’s paintings. After about a 2 or 1 month run, they will be coming down on the 15th- so check them out before they come down! Or just take a look at the website. Below are some images from the night. Sorry for the bad resolution, the pictures are from my iPhone:


and some of the featured artwork:

More to come!

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