DUMBO Art Fair: September 24-26

Entering the Tobacco Warehouse, one is greeted by paintings by Kate Fauvell hanging from the tent:

Everything is Fine is an installation by Erin Rachel Hudak, at the Tobacco Warehouse at the Dumbo Arts Festival.  The bold red letters made out of red recycled plastic, stand out from far away, in the corner of a huge triangular shaped open space:

Installation at Tabacco Warehouse, D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn, NY

Erin Rachel Hudak has two artworks in Under Represented Artists Who Deserve More Attention: Look at Me While I Look Away and This Land is Your Land. Her work explores the “juxtapositions between our deepest desires and the undoing of ourselves, our environment and of each other”.  According to her artist statement, she takes various images from mass media whether it be old history books, the internet or family photos, to discuss the irony of these desires as our greatest destruction.

Under Represented Artists Who Deserve More Attention exhibition curated by Marc Dennis.

Also a part of the Under Represeneted Artists Who Deserve More Attention, is a work by Kevin Auzenne:

Kevin Auzenne, "Where is the Higgs Boson?", 2010

Large scale paintings fill the gallery with fairy tale-like characters such as  princesses, huntresses and enchantresses. Monica Bauer’s work attempts to redefine the female figure, to regain its power from “debased commercial exploitation” (artist statement).  By using images of females she makes a commentary on gender, class and nation:

Monica Bauer’s Prinzessin exhibition at Amos Eno Gallery

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