Phantasmagoric: A Play on Art and Space

Monopoly Series
Monopoly Series
Untitled “Go” by Guy Stanley Philoche

On November 18th, just a day after “New York, New York” Wirth Art debuted its fantastical “Phantasmagoric: A Play on Art and Space” at 263 Bowery, on view until December 6th, a collaboration with Capital Realty Investors.  In a brand new space on the Bowery, just steps from the New Museum, “Phantasmagoric” features work by Arnold Mesches, Guy Stanley Philoche, Stephen Hall, Peter Theron and Reet Das.  The space–stark, spacious and bare–provides a contemplative backdrop for these enigmatic pieces rife with a “fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.”

For this show we collaborated with Capital Realty Investors.

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