Labouring over Fruit

As I write this, I am sipping from a fresh coconut, not from Union City, NJ, but from the tree a few feet away from me! I am finally at one of my favorite places in the world —a volcanic lake in El Salvador— where I can eat fresh papaya and guayabas. While I’m sipping from this coconut, I can’t help but think of Alonsa Guevara‘s sensuous fruit paintings.

Last week I had the chance to visit Guevara’s studio, which she shares with boyfriend, and fellow artist James Raczkowski. Although I had been to the New York Academy of Art’s open studios, when she was a student there, I first really became aware of her work through a fantastic and original online platform that showcases artists’ work that’s currently in their studio.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.48.02 AM

In person, her textured paintings, most likely inspired by her native Chile, are even more wonderful than on the website. I felt transported to a tropical place as I saw the round slices of avocado, orange, lemon, guava, and fictional fruit hanging on her studio wall:


Guevara is fascinated by female archetypes and objects that provoke desire, and well, let’s face it, fruit is sexy.


Alonsa Guevara, "Sister's Ceremony", 2015
Alonsa Guevara, “Sister’s Ceremony”, 2015

Let’s see below how other artists have given fruit a new perspective:


Paulette Tavormina, “Strawberries”, 2009
Paulette Tavormina, “Cornucopia”, 2014
Paulette Tavormina, “Pears”, 2008


warhol-banana-copyright_Andy designed for the band’s debut album, when he managed them in 1966_velvetunderground
Andy Warhol’s “Banana” that he designed for the cover of the Velvet Underground’s debut album in 1966
Josh Tonsfeldt, “Perpetual Summer”, 2011
Film still from Ori Gersht’s video “Pomegranate
Randall Mooers, “Three Oranges”, 2013
Nathalie Boissonault, “Slam et Poèsie”
Randall Mooers, “Persimmon III”, 2013
AvocadoHalfPart2Michael Naples, 4x8inch
Michael Naples, “Avocado Half, Part 2”
Arcimboldo_Vertumne (Rodolphe II) (~ 1590)
Giuseppe Arcimboldo, “Vertumnus”, 1590
Klaus Enrique's photographic rendition of Arcimboldo's "Vertumnus"
Klaus Enrique’s photographic rendition of Arcimboldo’s “Vertumnus”

20150327_190848 20150327_190731

Copyright Klaus Enrique 2013, do not reproduce without authorization from Klaus Enrique
Klaus Enrique, “Self Portrait I (Bananas)”, 2013


Which ones are your favorites?

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