Art Basel Miami Beach Survival Guide

We’re in the very middle of Miami Art Basel, one of the craziest international art fairs of the year. Does Chelsea seem a little lonely right now? That’s because everyone is in Miami. Whether you’re a veteran of this fair, or it’s your first time, this survival guide can make your experience a whole lot better. Trust me. I did the complete opposite of this list (except for #1) on the first day and regretted it.


Make a plan.

Start off the day with a plan in mind of where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. For an alternative to taxis, besides Uber there’s a great app called Freebee that offers free rides in electric cars within the area encompassing downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and parts of Brickell. They operate between 12pm-2am and could be a great alternative to the taxis in Miami.



Bring a bottle or 2 of water with you as you trek around the art fairs. You’re going to need it. If you end up thirsting for water at the cafe or VIP lounge, you’re going to pay $4 for that $1 bottle of water.


Bring a snack.

Food at the art fairs is notoriously expensive, so if you are trying to pack in as much as possible in one day —and let’s be honest, the amount of events and satellite fairs that aggregate during the week of Art Basel has reached a level where it is nearly impossible to visit all— bring something with you to keep your energy up without emptying your pockets.


Wear comfortable shoes.

I know, it’s Miami, and you want to be fashionable. However, unless you’re manning a booth, there’s no reason why you can’t accomplish this in comfortable shoes. You’ll see what I mean after the first day. If you don’t have time to run back to the hotel before dinner, pack in another pair or change of clothing in your bag if you really need to.


Bring a big, but light bag with you.

Ideally, no bag is better, because then you don’t have to carry any weight around you throughout the day, but then where will you store your water bottle and snacks? Most likely, you’ll be handed some sort of Art Basel bag somewhere, probably filled with catalogues- or you’ll probably fill it with catalogues and magazines yourself.


Bring business cards.

Art Basel is one of the best places to network. People from all over the world flock here and you never know whom you will run into.


Bring your phone charger.

Or just make sure your phone is fully charged. There’s nothing worse than being out of contact during Art Basel. Trust me. You’ll also want to take pictures of all the artwork you love and take note of the artists who created them.


Good luck and happy hunting!




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